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Conservative magazine: LGBT people are secret weapons

by Jeremy Hooper

Families like mine are really just secret weapons that are lying in wait. We are Trojan Horses that will soon use our growing acceptance to destroy America from within.

Thus goes the narrative WhistleBlower magazine's latest cover story. The WorldNetDaily spinoff publication is using some of America's most rabidly anti-LGBT voices to craft a piece of dehumanizing propaganda rivaling any of history's worst:

Eventually warming up to a growing “gay-friendly” culture (promoted at every turn by the news and entertainment media), Americans abandoned their previous caution, flung their doors wide open and heartily welcomed the “gay rights” agenda with open arms.

However, it was a Trojan Horse. And most people had no idea what lay in waiting.

Today – as documented in October’s groundbreaking Whistleblower issue, titled “THE NEW SEXUAL REVOLUTION” – a new totalitarian order is sweeping the land.

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Highlights of “THE NEW SEXUAL REVOLUTION” include:

--“Where sexual anarchy is leading us” by Joseph Farah, identifying the totalitarian movement whose name no one dares utter

--“Transgender madness” by David Kupelian, who tells the astonishing story of how psychiatrists are being bullied into “normalizing” sexual derangement

--“Transgender teen to become latest Hollywood hero” – maybe you haven’t heard, a new TV show will portray a transgender youth as the sanest person in his family

--"‘Gay’ power vs. religious liberty" by Peter LaBarbera, documenting how "homosexual rights" are destroying freedom of conscience in America

--“The Bradley Manning syndrome” by Linda Harvey, on understanding the intersection of sexual deviance and treachery

--“The new ideologies of sex” by Stephen Baskerville, on how today’s most destructive movement has become the least examined

--“Librarians oppose banning books – except for this one topic”

--“The war on fathers, masculinity and manhood” by David Kupelian, on how the ongoing, progressive feminization of America is destroying it

--“America's fall: The modern-day Roman Empire” by Matt Barber, on how St. Paul described today’s self-destructing nation to a “T”

--“The rainbow belongs to God” by Dr. Scott Lively, who says a trap is being laid by the homosexual lobby for February’s Russian Olympics.

WhistleBlower Magazine

And for those who still question whether or not they are deliberately casting us as villains, check out the quote that the magazine's publisher, David Kupelian, gives in support of this cover story:

“Like Voldemort, the arch-villain so feared by everyone in the ‘Harry Potter’ stories that they ‘dare not speak his name,’ almost no one – not Democrats, not Republicans, not churches, not the media (including Fox News), not talk radio (with a few exceptions), not even the big alternative news websites, with the exception of WND – dares speak of [the LGBT rights movement].

Um, or maybe most media outlets just aren't that interested in incitement?

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