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NOM thinks it has the capital to hand out integrity; adorable

by Jeremy Hooper

Oh, that silly National Organization for Marriage and its odd read on integrity. Basically the pro-discrimination org. defines it as anyone willing to side with their advocacy on behalf of history's wrong side, with anyone who goes the other way committing some unpardonable sin. And while NOM has built its brand around publicly flogging anyone who doesn't join the special interest group in trying to stop the clocks, NOM instantly (and quite viciously) accuses and belittles anyone who criticizes their side's supportive voices, as if pushback is only fair if it comes from NOM's anti-gay stable.

Latest case in point: After demonizing a Republican lawmaker who voted for marriage equality in Illinois and the coalition of GOP Senators who voted for the Employment NonDiscrimination Act, NOM president Brian Brown turns around and says the following about openly-gay-yet-openly-anti-equality Hawaii lawmaker Jo Jordan:

Another image of integrity came to us from Hawaii. While the legislature there is battling to pass same-sex marriage, literally thousands upon thousands of pro-marriage supporters have poured out in protest to make their voices heard. Over 5,000 individuals submitted testimony to the Hawaii House of Representatives, most in opposition to the bill. And several thousands of others have stood vigil outside the Capitol praying that their elected officials will listen to their constituents.

One Representative is doing just that: state Democratic Representative Georgia "Jo" Jordan is an openly gay lawmaker in Hawaii. And she is voting against same-sex marriage. She says the reasons for her opposition are concerns about the use of a special session to force this issue through, and her desire to better understand the consequences of redefining marriage.

Despite being called "Judas" in the gay press (along with suffering some other malignant and tasteless personal attacks) she is doing the right thing to express concerns about the many examples of punishment that people have suffered when marriage has been redefined elsewhere. Legal scholars on both sides of the issue brought this to the attention of all lawmakers, and it’s gratifying that Rep. Jordan is examining those concerns.

I don't know what Jordan will do in the future with respect to this issue. She is under tremendous pressure from gay activists and we should hold her in prayer. But whatever her final vote, the fact that she has acknowledged as legitimate the concerns many people have about the consequences of redefining marriage is an example of the kind of public servants we need more of in this country: elected officials who are willing to critically examine the issues without counting the cost and without worrying about being maligned and vilified by small-minded individuals who have no respect for the democratic process.
Integrity and the Ugly Alternative [NOM]

First the obvious: If you are gay and the National Organization for Marriage is singing your praises, you might want to reconsider your work performance. This organization exists for the sole purpose of denying LGBT Americans, originally just in marriage but now also in areas like workplace protection. They consider E.W. Jackson a voice of honor! If you are a gay lawmaker (the first openly gay lawmaker to ever vote against marriage equality, I am told), you want this org's condemnation—not commendation.

But that out of the way, you have to laugh at the way NOM, yet again, reduces and/or dismisses all of Jordan's critics. To hear NOM tell it, LGBT people are standing outside of Jordan's house with torches and pitchforks. In truth, most LGBT activists are simply scoffing at Jordan's vote and victim routine, and vowing to find a challenger for Ms. Jordan in her next election. After all, we're on track to win marriage equality in Hawaii, despite Jordan's ill-considered vote. Now is not the time for excessive bitterness.

And quite frankly, the LGBT community doesn't need ethics lessons from the organization that has erected billboards and launched ad campaigns in various locales for the expressed purpose of equating pro-equality lawmakers to Benedict Arnold and Judas. Or the organization that has, you know—so cruelly hurt so many of their LGBT neighbors for political access and profit.

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