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Just in time for Christmas, NOM tells kids of gay parents that they're 'deprived'

by Jeremy Hooper

GLAAD has a holiday campaign called "Only Wish," which features real families stating why their households deserve full legal recognition. It's sweet, positive, and perfectly in line with the holiday spirit

Only Wish [GLAAD]

So what are the Grinches at the National Organization For Marriage doing? Well, they're of course telling children like the above that they are on the path to a less fulfilled life because their homes feature something other than one man and one woman at the head:

Nom Publishing 2013-12-17 Glaad-WishlistEvery child deserves the love of both a mother and a father. Kids know that moms and dads are special and unique, that they can each bring to a child's life a vital contribution that is irreplaceable and invaluable. Many adults who have grown up, for whatever reason, without either a mom or a dad have expressed the wish that this hadn't been so, which by no means devalues the heroic sacrifices and honorable efforts of single parents: it simply testifies to the importance both moms and dads play in children's lives. The best mom cannot make a dad. Ten dads can't equal one mom.

This is why it is troubling that, this holiday season, the gay activist organization GLAAD is expressing its "Only Wish" as creating a new normal where children will be deprived of the love of either a father or a mother on a regular basis, and indeed that this situation will be rewarded and incentivized by the government.

KEEP READING: GLAAD's "Only Wish": To Deny Children the Right to a Mother and a Father [GLAAD]

Of course these kids aren't being denied or deprived. These are children who do, in fact, have same-sex parents. Children who are lucky enough to have loving parents. There is no "denial" going on. These are not children who are being ripped away from other lives; these are real families that are created, maintained, and sustained by the same commitment, patience, generosity, and love as any other family.

But NOM is a horrible special interest group that attacks any sort of family that doesn't meet its smell test. So, it being Christmas and all, NOM is stepping up and putting this kind of nasty negativity on the record for these kids to grow up and see for themselves. It's not enough for NOM to actively fight their parents' marriage. No, no—this joyful band of moral authoritarians has taken it upon themselves to also demonize the very structure that these children know and cherish.

This is hate. Regular readers know that I don't use that word lightly, but I'm finding it hard to see it any other way. As a gay dad, this kind of thing is a direct assault on my me, my husband, and our kid. It's not just NOM fighting to take away Andrew's and my marriage, which was bad enough. In this case, NOM is actively working to tell our daughter and anyone with whom she might come in contact that she would be better off without us. They are telling her, the human with whom we have been for every hour since her first draw of breath and for whom we would gladly lay down our own lives, that the abundance we are so ready, willing, and able to provide to and for her is really "denial."

It's a truly sick mental war game—one that NOM is deliberately playing.

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