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NOM prez pretends his movement has momentum; and I'm a unicorn

by Jeremy Hooper

In yet another attempt to overstate the meaning of the Utah stay, National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown works to convince his supporters that NOM, an organization now pretty much defined by its failure (and its goal of driving a wedge between gays and blacks), is really the side with the heat. And you know he's telling the truth because of all of the fear words that he uses to describe us and our supposed "agenda":

You can be assured that the radical same-sex 'marriage' movement will not let up in its resolve to shoehorn their disastrous agenda through the legislatures and the court system in 2014, and we cannot flag in our own efforts either. This is why continuing to stand with us is so vitally important and so greatly appreciated: the attacks on marriage are more intense than ever, and we need to meet them head-on.

But we are encouraged by the Supreme Court's putting the brakes on the lawlessness in Utah this week. By its unanimous decision to grant a stay, the Supreme Court shows that the Justices recognize when the rule of law is being flouted and when judicial activism has run amok — even those liberal Justices who voted for the flawed majority decision in Windsor!

The granting of this stay changes the momentum in a very real way and slows the stampede of rabid same-sex marriage bullies who are willing to trample over the rights of everyone else in order to get their way. There's no telling how many true constitutional rights these radicals would run roughshod over to gain their prize of a faux right to genderless 'marriage' and a regime under which Christians and others are relegated to second-class citizen status.

I'm not even going to dignify the attempt to turn a stay into a victory. Brian can pretend we LGBT activists are all kinds of upset about this pause button, if he wishes to be so disingenuous, but the truth is that many of us saw it coming and are really just kind of like, "okay, that happened." Sure, it's always frustrating to have to wait, as delayed justice is, in fact, denied justice. But the pro-discrimination movement has "won" absolutely nothing here.

The truly telling thing here is the way Brian (/his ghostwriter) is now working overtime to portray us as "rabid" and "radical" and "disastrous." It's obvious why he feels a need to do this: we now live in a America where marriage equality has been in place for ten years and where a huge swath of the population knows what the concepts looks and feels like. When this whole debate started, it was easier for would-be NOM supporters to buy the NOM-like fear lines because the whole idea of same-sex marriage was so theoretical for so many. Now that it's tangible, people are starting to understand the disgusting and deeply offensive bill of goods that the anti-gay movement sold the public for political access, votes, and dirty profit. Ergo, Brian's need to up the rhetoric and the faux victim routines, in hopes that he can hyper-motivate the holdouts. His only hope is to go really, really, really personal with it all and bring out the crowd that truly doesn't care for LGBT people or our welfare since he has lost so many of the more middle-road citizens who might've once believed his more pragmatic tone.

It won't work, of course. But we should still keep track of this uptick in the nasty rhetoric, as the real world impact is still very concerning. Demonized people become targeted people; targeted people must put their safety before their politics.

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