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Rabidly anti-gay Liberty Counsel: Banning gays brings together religious and non-religious straights

by Jeremy Hooper

In an amicus brief the anti-LGBT legal outfit filed in support of Nevada's ban on same-sex marriage, the Liberty Counsel tells all kinds of the same lies. In one egregious example, they use the word "church" to refer to the Ocean Grove pavilion that tried to deny a lesbian couple a civil union ceremony...

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 At 5.16.21 Pm
[Liberty Counsel Amicus brief in favor of discrimination in Nevada]

...even though it was really a public pavilion that was receiving special tax exemptions precisely *because* it was opening its doors to the public. The actual churches involved in that matter maintained tax exemption—it was only the public pavilion that lost a *special* tax break.

But if we were to look at all the individual fibs, spins, and assorted bits of false-witness-bearing, we'd be here all day. So instead, let's look at this little nugget, which is as novel as it is offensive:

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 At 5.02.16 Pm
[Liberty Counsel Amicus brief in favor of discrimination in Nevada]

Yes, that's right: Liberty Counsel, the org. that praises nations that pass bans on homosexuality, fights for "ex-gay" therapy, and opposes every last one of our rights, is seriously suggesting that banning gays (i.e. "defining marriage") is a public good—"promotes equality," even—because it would help business owners who happen to have a faith go about their work hours without having to accommodate pesky, pesky gays and our belief that we too have valid consumer dollars. We gay folk (i.e. the people truly affected by marriage bans) are basically just cast out somewhere in a ditch or something. We get the full disregard treatment while heterosexuals of both faith and non faith get to come together in "equality."

What horse manure (*no offense to horses or feces).

Not to mention, it's also just plain wrong. As I've said about six billion times over the past year, these laws that protect the LGBT consumer from discrimination have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MARRIAGE. This is clearly true, considering the majority of the four or five cases that these anti-gay groups keep trotting out happened in states without marriage equality. So even if Nevada bans marriage equality for the next ten years (not gonna happen), there is nothing stopping the state from enforcing nondiscrimination laws that address LGBT people. The state already bans anti-LGBT discrimination in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodation, and a business owner who tries to flout this law just might find himself or herself on the wrong side of a court case. Marriage or not.

I swear, fighting against this increasingly absurd movement has become like dealing with a petulant child who insists that chocolate milk from brown cows. They are so deeply dug into their preconceived narrative that they have no choice but to flat-out lie; they are so carelessly cocksure that they have no choice but to give themselves over to an oddly rich fantasy life, as if they are hostages to the puppet master love child of Jerry Falwell and Aesop.

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