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Robert Oscar López gives 'traditional' Utahns taste of the anal sex chatter they can expect on 1/28

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 At 1.05.32 PmRobert Oscar López, the anti-equality activist who spends his days denigrating LGBT people and (particularly) same-sex parents despite himself claiming to be bisexual and having been raised by a lesbian mother, will join National Organization For Marriage president Brian brown at a January 28th "traditional marriage" rally in Salt Lake City. But first, Mr. Lopez wants to talk to you about anal sex: its dildos, its "powerful odor," the "chronic PTSD that one would expect of rape victims" that gay men supposedly have from it, and the repeated claim that gay adults are likely to "end up sodomizing the youth anyway." Here's a snip from Mr. Lopez' much longer piece:

Anal sex requires a lot of aides: condoms, special lubricants, and if it is going to be hygienic, enemas, douches or other specialized forms of cleaning out the excretory system.

My first time being introduced to this act, at the age of thirteen, is the classic case of how one shouldn't start: I was screaming in pain, bleeding, totally blown off by my sex partner, and left in pain for days. Everyone told me it would get easier the more times I did it, but that was no consolation to me. The partner didn't want to help me deal with the aftereffects because he took my complaints as an accusation against him. Gay peers thought I was making a big deal about nothing and told me that I had to do more of it so the pain would go away. This led me to seek out more partners who were more aggressive and often wouldn't stop when I asked them to. Given that much of anal sex plays out this way for young men being initiated into the practice, I have often wondered if a very large percentage of gay men have chronic PTSD that one would expect of rape victims.

It helps if something artificial like a dildo or plug is used beforehand to open up the "bottom's" anus. But what are the chances that a 15-year-old who is trying to get initiated into anal sex with a few stolen hours in a secret place, like the back of an adult gay man's parked van, is going to have all these tools at his disposal and the training necessary to use them? You can try to have their ninth-grade teachers school them on these details, but the chances that the teachers know how to teach such material, and the chances that a teenage boy will actually remember everything and apply the lessons in real time, are slim.

And then, even if you get through the act without major damage, the powerful odor following an act of anal sex is extremely unpleasant and probably something an uninitiated youth isn't prepared for.

So how are things working out for teenage boys involved in gay sex? Not very well.

A teenage boy with raging hormones and a million things racing through his mind is unlikely to be able to master all these physical accoutrements based on lessons provided by pro-gay teachers. A gay "mentor" isn't the ideal instructor on this because we run the very high risk that the mentor will end up sodomizing the youth anyway, thereby creating an emotional minefield.

FULL:Pederasty, Pedophilia, Twinks, Daddies [English Manif]

Psst, R.O.L.: You're doing it wrong.

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