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Mormon writer 'felt so sorry' for the taxpayers he deems undeserving of basic civil rights

by Jeremy Hooper

The condescension of LGBT rights opponents' truly knows no bounds. Check out what this guy, who attended Utah's recent anti-equality rally concurrent with the birth of his grandchild, had to say about those who gathered to stand for civil fairness rather than discrimination:

Scot Proctor Article "I arrived [to the state capitol] at 4:58 pm knowing that the opposition was to gather on the south steps to say what they had to say against traditional marriage. My heart was so tender. I guess it’s because our little one was so close and she was soon to arrive in a world with shouting voices—voices that opposed the very institution that was welcoming her into this world. I felt a lump growing in my throat as I listened to the cries of people who sincerely feel they have the right to redefine the institution of marriage between a man and a woman. I felt so sorry for them and felt a wave of love for their pain at the same time. "

Anti-equality activist Scot Facer Proctor, writing for Meridian magazine

"Against traditional marriage?" No, Mr. Proctor, there was only one side gathered "against" anything, and it was yours. Utah had marriage equality for a short time, thank to the fair actions of an independent court, and it very well might have it again—and soon. The ones trying to put a stop to something are the ones who chose to show up at the state capitol brandishing both signs and heterosexism.

"Voices that opposed...?" No again, Mr. Proctor. The voices to whom you are referring were standing in support and solidarity. Your "team" was the one gathered to tell all families that do not fit your narrow purview that they are lesser-than, if not completely broken. Your "team" was the one brandishing signs about being superior because you are in a majority. Your "team" is the one that had a speaker who compared same-sex parents to slave owners. This is and will always remains true, no matter how much you try to mask it with a veil of false compassion.

"Felt so sorry for them"? Spare me! Better yet, spare them. I can guarantee you that the last thing those who gathered in support of their civil rights want is your pity, Mr. Proctor. They want you to get off your moral pedestal! They want you to stop thinking you have the right and power to look down on them with sad eyes, as if you are the adjudicator of worth, happiness, and civil marriage licenses. And they want you to stop denigrating loving families just because they don't look like the ones that you and your personally held Mormon faith choose to accept!

Oh, and Mr. Proctor: your grandchild, like every grandkid, could very well be gay. If that is the case, which will remain true regardless of your own advocacy, the people gathered in support of fairness were doing her a solid. You should thank them for the future possibility and chastise your own team for the potential heartbreak of this ongoing battle, should it draw out that far (*but it won't).

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