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To be clear, Chick-fil-A's Dan Cathy is still promoting anti-gay voices, views

by Jeremy Hooper

There have been recent reports about Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy choosing to back away from talking about same-sex marriage. That doesn't surprise me in the least, considering his anti-gay advocacy, despite what his defenders claim, has already harmed the company brand for years (decades?) to come.

But I want to be really clear about something: the man has not changed his views. The same guy who once claimed that things like marriage equality are "inviting God's judgment," suggested our equality is the product of a "depraved mind," and who referred to the Supreme Court decisions on marriage as "a sad day for our nation" is still pushing rabidly anti-gay voices like Del Tackett and his lectures about what supposedly will bring down God's wrath:

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 At 9.59.48 Am
[Dan Cathy]

Tackett is an obscure name to most, but not to a LGBT political wonk like me. I've listened to Tackett speak in several different forums, and I know what he believes will bring down God's judgment. Like Cathy, he puts marriage equality and LGBT acceptance front and center.

One need not look far for proof. In fact, "IS GOD’S JUDGMENT RAINING DOWN ON US?" Doesn't get much clearer than that. In said column, Tackett highlighted three news stories as being things that might lead folks like himself to assume that a vengeful deity would be inspired to rain fire on this planet. One story was about the "abortion holocaust." Here are the other two, in Tackett's words:

1. A 6-year boy in Colorado wants to be a girl. He got upset that he couldn’t use the girl’s bathroom at school. His parents sued the school and the State of Colorado has now ruled in his favor. He’s free to use the ladies room. I suppose that would include the locker room and showers, if first-graders have those. Did I mention he was six years old?

2. The Supreme Court, in the United States v. Winsor [sic] case, ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act saying that defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman was discrimination and a violation of equal protection. Most believe, and I agree, that this will sweep the states with homosexual marriages and, by logic, polygamy and other polyamorous marriages, for it will now be virtually impossible to rule against their arguments. I suppose, by logic as well, if a 6-year old boy can declare himself to be female and the State honors that, then he could just as easily declare himself desirous and willing to enter into a sexual relationship with an older man. And under our discrimination and equal protection laws, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, which has been laboring for years to abolish age of consent laws that criminalize adult sexual involvement with “consenting” minors, should be able to soon win their case and be legally legitimate…and accepted as legitimate. So the florist who was sued and held liable in a discrimination case because she refused to contract a homosexual couple’s wedding, could be sued again if she refuses to do a wedding between a 6-year old boy and a 48-year old man.
I have heard a number of people say that God is raining His judgment down upon us.

Is He?


Cool NAMBLA reference, bro.

Tackett has also pushed myths about homosexuality coming "from a deep pathology within the home." This is one of the reasons why Tackett, like Chick-fil-a, is such a big hit with groups like Focus on the Family and The Family Leader. It's all of the same agenda.

So great, Mr. Cathy won't talk about same-sex marriage anymore. Again, no surprise. I've heard all sorts of rumors from inside the Chick board rooms in the years since I first started reporting on the Cathy family's anti-LGBT activities and, from what I've heard, they realize the damage this whole thing has caused their reputation. No company wants that.

Just don't be fooled into thinking that his views have changed. Oh, or the profit he makes off every sandwich you eat.

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