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Founder of anti-gay Boy Scouts alternative links sexual orientation, adultery; earns merit badge in ill-intended comparisons

by Jeremy Hooper

Here's a new musing from John Stemberger, the longtime Florida anti-LGBT activist who is also behind Trail Life USA, the anti-gay (and Jewish) Boy Scouts alternative:

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 At 8.53.09 Pm
[John Stemberger, one of Florida's most prominent anti-gay activists] (Hat tip: Nadine Smith)

As a married gay man, this link always strikes me as particularly bizarre. For the past eleven years, my gayness has been an expression of commitment—to one man and one many only. Without that one man, I have no sex life. In a sense, the idea of adultery is the direct opposite of my sexuality and its physical manifestation.

But to the Stembergers of the world, this doesn't matter. I can be married and committed to the same man for fifty years, and my relationship will still be more comparable to a straight guy who steps out on his wife at every lunch hour than it is to a lifelong straight marriage. To them, we are "broken" by virtue of continued existence; we are committing an act like adultery, no matter how we live our truths. And of course our supporters are to be publicly flogged on social media for simply "liking" us.

Thankfully, I stopped caring what people like John Stemberger think about me years and years ago. I will, however, continue to use his public protestations for the continued benefit of my political team's steadily rising polls.


**UPDATE: Stemberger has removed his post.

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