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If John Eastman's allowed to intervene in Oregon, I submit his endorsement of this very anti-gay book

by Jeremy Hooper

The book is called Making Gay Okay, and it's all about "homosexual misbehavior" being something society should shun. The book's publisher describes it like so:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 At 8.57.15 Pm Why are Americans being forced to consider homosexual acts as morally acceptable? Why has the US Supreme Court accepted the validity of same-sex "marriage", which, until a decade ago, was unheard of in the history of Western or any other civilization? Where has the "gay rights" movement come from, and how has it so easily conquered America?

The answers are in the dynamics of the rationalization of sexual misbehavior. The power of rationalization-the means by which one mentally transforms wrong into right-drives the gay rights movement, gives it its revolutionary character, and makes its advocates indefatigable. The homosexual cause moved naturally from a plea for tolerance to cultural conquest because the security of its rationalization requires universal acceptance. In other words, we all must say that the bad is good.

At stake in the rationalization of homosexual behavior is the notion that human beings are ordered to a purpose that is given by their Nature. The understanding that things have an in-built purpose is being replaced by the idea that everything is subject to man's will and power, which is considered to be without limits. This is what the debate over homosexuality is really about-the Nature of reality itself.
Making Gay Okay [Ignatius Press]

And who has given his full-throated endorsement of the book? Why none other than the National Organization For Marriage's chair, John Eastman. Eastman applauds this book for pointing out the "dangers" associated with our equality:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 At 8.58.55 Pm "Reilly has drawn on his extensive knowledge of classical political philosophy to explain the full scope of the dangers inherent in the modern homosexual rights movement. The movement threatens our very understanding of human nature, and hence of the American political regime that derives its understanding of rights and legitimate government from that nature. This book is a stark warning that should be read by every lover of liberty, and a call to action for those who would preserve it."

- John C. Eastman, JD, PhD Chairman, National Organization for Marriage Founding Director, Claremont Institute Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence

Why is this relevant? Why am I mentioning this endorsement of this nakedly anti-gay book for the second time in three weeks?

Answer: This very same John Eastman is trying to intervene in Oregon's marriage case, hoping to argue in defense of the state's ban later this week. Eastman made the desperate last-ditch move today:

Gay marriage: National Organization for Marriage says it will seek to intervene in Oregon case [The Oregonian]

I'm thinking he will be denied, either for lack of compelling reason for the late motion or for lack of standing. But if he gets to get in that court room, then fine. Our side should just read this pointedly anti-gay book aloud, in all its animus-driven, far-reaching, "misbehavior"-denouncing glory and ask the NOM chair which parts he likes, which parts he loves, and which parts he would inscribe into law. I, for one, would love to get that, NOM's real agenda, written into the court record.

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