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NOM-aligned organization claims God will soon punish us for pro-equality rulings

by Jeremy Hooper

Media-433342-2The Coalition of African American pastors is one of the National Organization For Marriage's key strategic partners. In fact, CAAP's head, Rev. Bill Owens (pic. at left), is one of NOM's official religious liaisons. CAAP and NOM work together on a number of projects and are currently coordinating the upcoming "march for marriage" in Washington D.C (pic is from NOM's 2013 march).

Now that you have that brief background, take a moment and learn how this same organization, in words attributed to the aforementioned Bill Owens and his wife Deborah, believes that God is about to put us all "on a rough ride" ("hold on to your hats") because of our President, Attorney General, and judges who determined that gay citizens really do have the right to marry under the laws of the country to which they pay taxes:

How will the Lord judge our activist judges?

Across this nation, activist judges continue to strike down state bans on same-sex marriages; one after the other, judges across the land are inserting their own political views in order to interpret laws already on the books as ‘unconstitutional.’ A judge in Texas is one of the latest to strike down a ban on same-sex marriage, even though the citizens of the great state of Texas voted to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Judge Bernard Friedman of Michigan, unlike the other judges who showed discretion and respect for the process, did not suspend his decision while the Michigan attorney general pursed an appeal. Instead, he allowed clerks to continue issuing licenses to same-sex couples unless a higher court intervenes.

So not only are these judges defying God, but they are repudiating the states’ Constitutional right to enact and enforce their own laws! These moves come on the heels of Attorney General Eric Holder’s instruction to the state attorney generals suggesting that if they didn't want to enforce the laws of their states regarding same-sex marriage, then they didn't have to! He literally gave them permission to break the law, assuring them that there would be no legal action taken against them from the Department of Justice.

This pattern of ‘lawlessness’ is becoming all too familiar and it originates from the top—the White House itself. When the Commander in Chief no longer executes the laws of the land, but rather his own political and ideological agendas, then we are in trouble. Note: that Michigan judge made the decision to allow county clerks to continue issuing licenses “unless a higher court intervenes.” The spiritual significance of this decision is very chilling because America truly is petitioning a ‘Higher Court’ with every stroke of the pen!

When the courts are actively in defiance of the Laws of Almighty God, then there is no true ‘justice’ in the land. And when there is no justice, then the Most High will bring justice to the Earth…the scripture declares… “Then MY OWN ARM brought justice.” (Isaiah 59:16) So hold on to your hats. America’s in for a rough ride!

CAAP, along with 6000 pastors, is sounding the alarm! The Antichrist must rejoice in the way that the lawless policies of this current administration are destroying this land. We will continue to shed light on this Administration’s crystal clear strategy to transform America into a country that no longer considers the rights of its citizens, but rather its own ideological proclivities.
How will the Lord judge our activist judges? [CAAP]

Well if we're in a for a rough ride, Rev., can we at least go ahead and get full, fifty-state, equal civil marriage first? I know you think our insurance policies will hold no benefit in the eternal realm, and it's totally your right to believe that. But when God starts his whole vengeance thing and our mortal kingdom starts a'rockin' (because a supreme deity's a'knockin'), I know some currently estranged couples who would certainly like to shore up the earthbound rights and protections that come from civil marriage.

Oh, and while I have ya, Rev—please, please, pretty please (with sugar on top) convince your side to start talking about the Antichrist and his supposed rejoicing the next time one of these cases makes it way to the Supreme Court. I'm thinking even a Clarence Thomas might have a hard time standing with a movement that submits the victory party of Jesus' arch nemesis as evidence for why loving same-sex couples are going to break civil marriage.

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