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NOM's ally, March For Marriage co-sponsor: Gay people are *this close* to murdering America

by Jeremy Hooper

The Coalition of African-American Pastors is a National Organization For Marriage affiliate, it's a co-sponsor of NOM's upcoming March for Marriage, and its leader, Willie Owens, is one of NOM's religious liaisons. This is what that organization is now telling its supporters about people like us and families like ours:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 At 9.53.16 AmFriends, we can no longer turn a blind eye to what is happening across our nation; it is becoming all too clear that we are dealing with an agenda that is attempting to unravel the foundations of the family. We are up against those who are committed to altering our society, and who will ultimately destroy it. America as we know it is disappearing. Did you realize that it is now legal for homosexual couples to adopt children? Partner, this a major sign of the times we live in. When one considers the relentless way in which these activist groups are working to advance their agenda, it is critical to realize that gay marriage isn’t even the end goal—just a step on the path to their re-engineered America.

Nor can we put our faith in the courts to uphold our votes and the sanctity of marriage. Many judges and even state attorneys general are either gay themselves or in support of the LGBT agenda! They are legislating sin from the bench, and putting the nails in the coffin of America at the same time. We can no longer delude ourselves into believing that there will be no consequence for what is taking place across the U.S. Therefore, we must act.

To remain silent and allow the apparent spiritual decline of America to continue is both reckless and unwise. We need your support today. We need to mobilize our own tireless group of activists, dedicated to the cause of defending faith, family, and marriage. If you feel called to help and be a part of that movement, please visit caapusa.org and make your best gift to help us stay in the fight.

This is a Spiritual Battle
Make no mistake—we are in a battle for the family and for the future (the children) of this nation. Television, Hollywood, and the media bombard us daily with the homosexual agenda. Too many of us have been slow to
speak out, even hesitant--whether from fear of the consequences or because we did not take the threat seriously enough. Moreover, the Church has been too silent on this issue for far too long. It is clear what the stakes are, and we cannot avoid this fight any longer. .

Organizations such as CAAP, NOM, and others continue to stand in the gap and do what we must to hold back the terrible tide of debauchery in our nation. With your support and prayers, we can remain in the fight for the family and the future of our children. It is difficult to watch our nation’s decline, but when those in authority continually act in defiance of the Word and the Way of Almighty God, this is the inevitable result.

To be honest, I don’t know exactly what the future holds. No one does. But I do know that, according to scripture, if things stay the same, we are almost certainly headed for a divine confrontation. As a minister of the Gospel, I have a continual duty to sound the alarm declaring that we must get our spiritual houses in order. There is a moral and spiritual shift taking place in America, and we must be prepared for what is to come. When an Empire, Nation, State, or Government can no longer discern good from evil, it is time for us to drop to our knees repent, and pray.
FULL: NOM files motion to intervene in Oregon’s same-sex case! [CAAP]

So wait—if more people are able to legally marry the person they love, under civil law, then God is going to come down for a "divine confrontation"? Um, are we talking about the civil marriage equality conversation, pastor, or are we talking about Game Of Thrones? It's hard to keep certain America's favorite Sunday fantasies straight (so to speak).

I'm not sure what we can do to stop a vengeful deity from destroying us because of the expansion of love. Though I'm pretty sure both CAAP and NOM would suggest a donation—and a big one, please!—to be the best way to keep the man upstairs at bay.

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