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What 'American people' are you even talking about, Tony Perkins?

by Jeremy Hooper

The last four states to vote on marriage equality all passed it, and the last few legislatures to consider the matter ultimately put it through. Every credible poll shows Americans supporting equality; even less credible polls show an even or above-even split.

Culturally, marriage equality is a non-event. One of TV's biggest comedies, Modern Family, just ended its season with a big same-sex wedding. There wasn't even a hint of controversy. There never is anymore. Americans know that marriage equality is here—and most people like that.

But no, no. The American people just aren't into it, insists the Family Research Council, who apparently wrote this on a Tandy computer in 1986:

"While judges can, by judicial fiat, declare same-sex 'marriage' legal, they will never be able to make it right. The courts, for all their power, can't overturn natural law. What they can do is incite a movement of indignant Americans, who are tired of seeing the foundations of a free and just society destroyed by a handful of black-robed tyrants. The Left has long believed packing the federal courts with liberal jurists is the means of fulfilling a radical social agenda, as the American people refuse to endorse that agenda at the polls or through their elected representatives....As we saw with Roe v. Wade in 1973 - despite the Left's earnest hopes, the courts do not have the final say. The American people will have the final word as they experience the consequences of marriage redefinition and the ways in which it fundamentally alters America's moral, cultural and political landscape" [statement emailed to G-A-Y]

Yeah, yeah, Tony. You want this to be the new Roe. That's because you and your pals want to keep this gravy train going, both personally and politically, for the next few decades. We all get what's going on there. And it's not going to work. These issues are not the liberal twin pops that you all want them to be.

But that's not even my big bugaboo here. I seriously want to know, Tony, how those of you who operate in a movement that is so glaringly waning and so reliably losing on EVERY SINGLE FRONT can seriously sit there with anything resembling a straight face and claim that you have the American public in your corner. It's just a lie. Yes, we are seeing great victories in the courts because the courts are where civil rights matters have historically wound up. But we're seeing great victories EVERYWHERE. I mean at this point, the anti-equality movement can't even convince Republican governors to appeal pro-equality rulings (Christie, Corbett, Martinez) or sign anti-gay laws (Brewer). Multiple Republican U.S. Senators have come out and admitted that marriage equality is the way of the future. Even in deep red states like Utah, the news of an overturned marriage ban barely sparks a flicker of protest, much less a wave. That's because the American public is moving toward the expansion of equality, Tony, and not the expansion of discrimination.

Keep trying to change the tide, if you must. One must dedicate his or her life to goals, be they constructive or destructive. But stop kidding yourself of the public, Tony. The American people are not with your movement—not anymore. Some (self included) would say that your ever-deceptive movement has only helped increase that rapid change.

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