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Kentucky's big anti-LGBT org hopes to pray away a fair court ruling on civil marriage

by Jeremy Hooper

The Kentucky Family Foundation, the Bluegrass State's big pro-discrimination group, is currently waging a "10 days of prayer" campaign in which they hope their religious will might sway an independent judiciary that is bound to civil law rather than religious beliefs. Here's day three:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 At 2.20.03 Pm
Day 3 [KY Fam Foundation]

Of course if the three judge panel did accept their standard for civil marriage as their personal faith defines it, that would be true judicial activism and it would spark justified outrage. But why should a group like this let a fact like that stop it from its myopic agenda?

Now word on which day they will pray against the non-believing straight people who marry in Kentucky every single day without any faith test or requirement.

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