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Ruth Institute (former NOM affiliate): Same-sex marriage is as much of a wedge as interracial marriage bans

by Jeremy Hooper

The anti-gay movement has fully lost it. In a new post for the Ruth Institute (which was an affiliate of the National Organization For Marriage up until late last year), Jennifer Johnson (who, curiously, was named Jennifer Thieme up until a few months ago) is literally saying that marriage equality for same-sex couples is essentially the same thing as marriage discrimination against interracial couples:

[Ruth Institute]

How, exactly, does same-sex marriage "endorse the separation of males and females based on sexual orientation"? I'm pretty sure that heterosexuals and bisexuals have sexual orientations, and opposite-sex unions endorse the unity of males and females based on sexual orientation; same-sex marriages endorse the unity of males and males and females and females based on sexual orientation (homosexual or bisexual). No separation needed. If you are in an opposite sex marriage and you are separating because of same-sex love then you have separated the facts at hand from the facts pertaining to the ring finger on your hand.

And to take the claim further and say that this "separation" is a cruelty on par with anti-miscegenation laws? As I said: fully lost it.

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