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AFA commentator equates homosexuality with blindness, paralysis

by Jeremy Hooper

Ed Vitagliano, Director of Research and News Editor for the American Family Association Journal, starts his column by professing to "love homosexuals." Then he spends the rest of it saying that our push for equality is "extremely destructive to individuals and society" and that we are innately broken. Heres a snip:

Are we not all broken in small and large ways? As a fallen race, isn't there a web of characteristics about us all that doesn’t reflect the way God designed us? If a child is born blind, does that mean God approves? Isn't it a sign that something is not as intended? Eyes were created to see. To not see is not the same as being able to see. The blind are still human, but their brokenness is still brokenness. But isn't that what we’re doing with homosexuality? Aren't we denying the obvious – that there’s a disconnect between design and operation in the homosexual? Aren’t we applauding as courageous those who declare their brokenness to be wholeness?
Only God can make a broken person whole. Sometimes it is done as a miracle, as when Jesus healed a blind or lame or paralyzed person. Sometimes we must wait for our entrance into the kingdom of heaven, when all brokenness is finally healed. I believe God can make homosexuals whole in this life. Despite the ridicule that follows such a statement, I believe that does happen. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 says so. However, for many – or even most – homosexuals, in order to be Christians they will have to accept that their “orientation” is a manifestation of brokenness, not wholeness. Like the rest of us who are broken in some way, they will have to reject that lameness and give it to God. They will hobble through life learning to love Him more and more – and yes, learning to obey Him.

In that way, homosexuals are just like me. No better and no worse, but broken nonetheless.

FULL: Homosexuals are broken people, too [AFA]

So which is it: are we broken like the average Christian or are we basically paralyzed? Or are we just whatever the American Family Association says we are at this particular moment?

The truth is that you should not be be fooled for even a second by what Mr. Vitagliano does at the end there. When he portrays himself and "the rest of us" as broken, he's not talking about things as fundamental to a person's core as his or her sexual orientation. His "brokenness" is within the spectrum of behavioral sin—the kinds of things that are, in fact, day-to-day choices. People like Vitagliano love to show false compassion in this way, pretending that we are all fallen and we can all "change," but they never put the proper weight, emphasis, data, or understanding on the "choice" they are forcing upon us.

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