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God Hates Fads: Radical Bay State group pretends homosexuality is like skinny jeans

by Jeremy Hooper

MassResistance, the fringe organization that continues to do its thing in the Massachusetts even as the Bay State leaves its discriminatory agenda far in the past, has a new report that purports to "explain" why kids become gay. Coupled with MR's trademark photos of LGBT youth, who they stalk the way an enterprising paparazzo stakes out the Kardashians, Brian Camenker and his cohorts offer this reasoning behind what makes a young person a young gay person:

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 At 9.06.58 Am Most people -- certainly most parents – have no idea that a major focus homosexual movement is to persuade schoolchildren to first accept homosexual behavior as normal even fashionable and desirable, and then move on to embrace a homosexual “identity”.

They use various well-honed psychological methods to do this. Youths who are particularly vulnerable to this are those who are troubled, bullied, have family problems or issues with a parent, or have been sexually molested. Younger kids in general are easier to seduce into this false belief, the movement has found.

Officially embracing a homosexual identity, or “coming out,” appeals to their spirit of rebellion and adventure (and often a desire for attention), and has a lasting psychological effect on a young person. The youth is led to fully believe that he (or she) is completely homosexual, has been from birth, and even becomes angry when that is challenged. But in addition, the youth is easily persuaded to begin experimenting with homosexual behaviors – which over time become addictive. And he or she becomes emotionally connected with the homosexual movement.

One of the favorite psychological methods of helping bring kids into this state of mind is to have them go through the possibly traumatic process of “coming out” to their parents. It helps solidify the “identity” in the youth’s mind, as the youth deals with the parents’ reaction.
FULL: Goal of “gay” programs in schools: Persuade kids to “come out” early as homosexuals. Here’s how they do it. [MassResistance]

Cool theory, straight discriminators. But no.

These radical anti-gay activists love to pretend that LGBT adults are out there lying in wait to pounce on whatever impressionable kid we might snare into our cagey agenda. The truth, of course, is that LGBT organizations are out there waiting—waiting with an open ear and warm shoulder when a scared, vulnerable, sometimes truly endangered kid who happens to be L, G, B, or T, the way some humans are, comes looking for help, compassion, and oftentimes safety. And we must do this in large part because groups like MassResistance are still out there lying in wait (and lying in their activism) to dupe these kids into self-denial and/or self-hatred. Because they do their dangerous work of tripping up LGBT kids along their paths, we must stay vigilant about helping kids overcome all of the obstacles in their way. Because we have been there and we know how good it can be, once you escape the cruel clutches of adult-imposed fear.

I know it's easy for orgs like MassResistance to pretend that LGBT people are molded rather than created, since this stance allows them to pretend their cruelties are imposed against an "agenda" rather than against human beings. However, we are not on this planet to soothe anti-gay adults' consciences. They rightly feel defensive about their cause because they have chosen a very ugly line of work. They deserve to feel shame for their lifestyle choice; LGBT youth deserve to feel the opposite about their lives.

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