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His Ohio hunting license isn't valid in NY, so you can't have fifty state marriage recognition

by Jeremy Hooper

The most obtuse anti-equality argument I've heard in some time:

“To force all 50 states to accept the license issued by one state goes against the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the United States Constitution,” he explains. “I have a concealed carry license here in Ohio, and I cannot take my concealed carry and go to another state. They don't recognize that license. I can't take my hunters license and go to another state. They don't recognize that.”

[Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values] is troubled by the idea that courts believe they can impose marriage licenses on all states.

“We've called for a time of prayer, and its really very serious,” he says. “We really do need to get on our knees and beseech God and pray that the courts will uphold the institution of marriage, the oldest institution on the face of the earth.”

FULL: Important decision on marriage amendments under way [ONN]

Except, of course, opposite-sex couples can totally "impose" their marriage licenses on all states, without hassle or even thought. Married men and women don't lose their status and related protections when they cross certain state lines. There would be national rebellion if they did.

I don't have either a hunting or a fishing license, but I don't need them to dismiss Mr. Burress' misread and misapplication Full Faith and Credit. Like fish in a barrel, this argument (if you want to even call it that).

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