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No, I'm not kidding: NOM is pushing a *new* Regnerus study

by Jeremy Hooper

Now that Mark Regnerus' incredibly flawed study on same-sex parenting (which really didn't study same-sex parenting at all) has been laughed out of multiple courts of law, torn apart by credible researchers everywhere, and throughly demolished for the far-right concocted spin that it is, the National Organization For Marriage has finally moved on from it. Moved on to—another Regnerus study with an anti-gay bent!

I'm not sharting you:

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 At 2.46.37 Pm
[FULL(ish): NOM]

It's obvious what this latest one is about: they are trying to scare conservatives into believing that supporting same-sex marriage leads to loosened "standards" all around. The far-right conservatives who oppose our rights are desperate to make headway within more mainstream conservative circles on issues that they know are more palatable (and poll-tested) than marriage inequality. The answer, they believe, is to make it seem like a nation that supports same-sex marriage is one that will also support things that even same-sex marriage–backing Republicans might oppose, with abortion being the most obvious. That's why you keep hearing them try to connect marriage rulings to Roe v. Wade rather than their other, much more obvious, much more accurate judicial precedents and parallels. They are desperate for a bigger tent.

It's also become obvious over the past two years that Mark Regnerus is himself an anti-gay conservative. He now regularly appears at conservative conferences and on fringe radio shows where he tells conservatives how to stand up against "evil." And of course he's also gone on record (during one of these conservative speaking gigs) claiming that same-sex marriage will lead to more straight men straying from their wives, so it's no surprise to see he, a bona fide activist, going down this "slippery slope" path.

But what's most obvious is just how shockingly out of touch the National Organization For Marriage truly is. I mean, another Regnerus study? Seriously? For reals? Couldn't they at least have found another researcher willing to do their bidding? Are they that obtuse? That out-of-touch? Too resigned to the fact that they've already lost and simply no longer care about their now-laughable reputation?

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