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Sen. Rand Paul met with NOM affiliate group

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 At 10.06.47 AmThe Coalition of African-American Pastors is a National Organization For Marriage affiliate and its head, Rev. Bill Owens, is NOM's name religious liaison. Qualifications good enough to secure a private meeting with a top GOP senator and star, apparently:

Recently, CAAP met with Senator Rand Paul to discuss those issues that are most important to our community. The conversation ranged from opinions expressed regarding the government and the Bundy standoff to key social justice issues at the heart of CAAP’s mission, such as putting an end to sentencing inequities. The meeting was not an endorsement of any political figure or party, but rather an opportunity for open discussion and understanding.
CAAP Meets With Sen. Rand Paul To Discuss Social Injustice [CAAP]

This is the same group that has said promoting LGBT rights abroad is an "affront to civilized society," that promoted NOM's recent march for marriage by linking marriage equality to slavery and segregation, that directly links same-sex unions to men who want to have sex with dogs, and that routinely claims God is going to punish an America that adopts same-sex unions. So much for Rand Paul, moderate Republican candidate for 2016.

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