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A look at three #VVS14 breakout sessions

by Jeremy Hooper

In an August radio appearance, Tami Fitzgerald insisted that all of the world's gay people are "defying what they were created to be," echoing similar comments she has made in the past. She will be speaking at one of the upcoming Values Voter Summit's breakout sessions:

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Joseph Farah has insisted that marriage equality, which he calls "one of the most radical ideas considered since child sacrifice," will quickly bring down America. Janet Porter, who has become so fringe that even most of the anti-LGBT groups won't align themselves with her these days, has pushed for a nationwide GOP platform that promotes so-called "ex-gay" therapy. Rick Scarborough insists that AIDS is God's punishment for homosexuality. These three will headline another breakout session:

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 At 12.03.19 Pm

Don Wildmon, whose American Family Association is a cosponsor of the Values Voter Summit, will headline a third panel. This is how Don Wildmon has described his AFA's agenda against homosexuality:


--The scripture declares that homosexuality is unnatural and sinful. It is a sin grievous to God and repulsive to Christians because it rejects God's design for mankind as heterosexual beings.

--Though there may be many influences in a person's life, the root of homosexuality is a sinful heart. Therefore, homosexuals have only one hope of being reconciled to God and rejecting their sinful behavior - faith in Jesus Christ alone. AFA seeks to use every opportunity to promote and encourage the efforts of ex-homosexual ministries and organizations.

--It is the duty of individual Christians and Christ's Church corporately to bring the gospel to homosexuals and to speak out against the acceptance of sin in our culture.

--We oppose the homosexual movement's efforts to convince our society that their behavior is normal because we fear the judgement of God on our nation.

--The homosexual movement is a progressive outgrowth of the sexual revolution of the past 40 years and will lead to the normalization of even more deviant behavior.

--The homosexual movement's promotion of same-sex marriage undermines the God-ordained institution of marriage and family which is the foundation of all societies.

--We oppose the efforts of the homosexual movement to force its agenda on our sentiments in schools, government, business and workplaces through law, public policy and media. Our strong opposition is a reaction to the homosexual movement's aggressive strategies.

--We oppose the effort to convince our culture that because individuals participate in homosexual behavior, they have earned the right to be protected like racial and other minority groups.
Defining The Gay Agenda[GLAAD]

Mr. Wildmon will be leading yet another VVS panel, alongside Ed Vitagliano, an AFA colleague who recently equated homosexuality with blindness or paralysis and Buddy Smith, a man who claims that "those who are caught in this trap of homosexuality are in the clasp of Satan and they need to know the truth:"

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 At 12.02.16 Pm

It is impossible to be more anti-gay than this. And yet at the Values Voter Summit, it is what passes as expert testimony. These are the people who lead the sessions that are meant to inspire the attendees.

And the national GOP is right there, with some of the brightest Republican stars lending a hearty endorsement. Sad affairs, elephant party.

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