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AFA hopes to punish Target the way NOM's already failed to do

by Jeremy Hooper

The National Organization For Marriage announced a boycott of pro-gay retailer Target but then just kind of shut up about that plan once they saw how go-nowhere it was. But leave it to their anti-gay allies at the American Family Association to step in and pick up the boycott ball. The SPLC-designated hate group claims that the popular stores must be punished for mocking God:

This is a company whose leaders make a mockery of marriage. They make a mockery of God's Word - and every Christian in this nation should let Target know it is out of step with the majority of Americans who support natural marriage.
FULL: Target goes to court in support of gay marriage [AFA]

Considering the size of Target's Halloween section, I'm surprised the AFA wasn't already boycotting the retailer already. And of course if Target dares to say something other than "Merry Christmas" in this year's holiday ads, they'll go after them again (as they have in the past).

Basically, if this for-profit retailer doesn't act like a conservative Republican church of politicized prayer, groups like the AFA are going to find some reason to flog them. So who really cares? At this point, these orgs and their boycotts are like the boys who cried "wolf!" Or "GAY!" as the case may be.

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