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American Family Association's senior analyst, most visible spokesman repeats enthusiasm for criminalizing homosexuality

by Jeremy Hooper

Gambia has passed a bill that would attach life imprisonment to the charge of "aggravated homosexuality." "It can be done," enthusiastically cheers the star voice of one of America's top "pro-family" groups:

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 At 6.47.34 Pm
[AFA senior issues analyst Bryan Fischer]

I will remind you that the AFA's action arm is one of the main sponsors of the Values Voter Summit, an event where any number of GOP governors, members of the U.S. House and Senate, and thought leaders are once again scheduled to appear. And Bryan Fischer is, without a doubt, the man who most people now associate with this organization. He is the one with the radio show whose clips regularly make cable news, the one who is himself most willing to play the part of pundit, and the one whose commentary and Twitter feed most visibly disseminate the org's messages. It's not president Tim Wildmon—it's Bryan. And with every year, as Bryan's rhetoric coarsens, the AFA only raises his profile.

When he says he'd like us to be more like Gambia, I choose to believe him.

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