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Another day, another far-right pastor pushing Christians to civil war

by Jeremy Hooper

After first calling to mind to both Pearl Harbor in December of 1941 and the Titanic in April of 1912, Rev. William Cook, the exec. director of something called the Black Robe Regiment of Virginia (which he describes as "a clergy-led army of Christian patriots"), writes the following about America circa 2014 and Christians' supposed need to rise up and war against it:

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 At 6.17.15 PmA word about abortion and homosexuality

God created the first government in Adam, “male and female created He them.” (Genesis 1:26) Adam’s was an administration of the Imago Dei, and God prescribed profligate procreation as the principle means of extending the glorious liberty of his governance throughout the earth. By sanctioning abortion, and more recently, sodomy, America has done violence to the Imago Dei and itself. Nation’s that rebel against the Divine prescription for supremacy over the “elemental principles of the world,” (Gal. 4:3) inevitably come to be ruled by them. America was given a choice between liberty and death. America chose death, and shall have tyranny.

But some will say, “I have not had an abortion. I am not homosexual. I believe abortion and sodomy are wrong. I can’t impose my beliefs on others, can I?” Silence is tacit approval. Therefore, “silence in the face of evil is evil,” as is withholding a single “jot or tittle” of God’s counsel, or anything that would benefit to God’s people. (Acts 20:20, 27) Rather than equivocate, perhaps we should obey God and “deliver the society that is marching toward oblivion of its own accord, and blindly staggering to slaughter.” (Proverbs 24:11 paraphrased)

This is a time to fight!

When Rev. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg stood in the pulpit of Emmanuel Church on January 21, 1776, proclaimed that his was “a time to fight,” threw off his clerical robe, and ordered drums to beat for recruits at the rear of the log meeting house in Woodstock, Virginia, he forever raised the bar on American pulpits in times when Liberty is threatened. Muhlenberg was not alone in recognizing that exigencies of a looming war with England had changed his priorities. Many clergy of the time stood out among chief agitators of “the Rebellion,” and after it began, among the most supportive in keeping it alive, both in the pulpit, and on the battlefield. They were the “sons of Issachar” who rightly divined that parish business as usual would end Liberty and usher in tyranny. They were the “mighty champions of liberty” that Bishop Charles Galloway lectured about in 1898, “that God sifted three kingdoms to find wheat for [the] planting” of “the magnificent Americanism” of his time. There is a far more ferocious and brutal tyranny brewing in America today than the Crown of England, and pulpits must rise up and confront it before the opportunity to speak and act expires.

FULL: Don't You Know There's A War On? [BarbWire]

Should I build my bunker now or is there still time? Please advise, anti-gay America.

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