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Audio: NOM's former counsel says God can't 'stay his hand of justice' if we keep 'testing' him with gayness

by Jeremy Hooper

Charles LiMandri was the National Organization For Marriage's general counsel during its foundational years and during its Prop 8 fight. Maggie Gallagher has touted the virtues of her friend and currently serves on the board of his new organization, the "ex-gay"-defending Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund.

Now listen is as LiMandri, key NOM personality from day one, suggests that God is going to destroy us because of gay acceptance. The subject here is a pro-gay comedic play:

"There's a concept in law called fighting words. If someone insults your wife or your mother, you have a right to punch them in the nose. I'm not one to advocate violence and certainly not against our homosexual brothers and sisters, who are called to sanctity in heaven, just like the rest of us and we all need to work together to get to heaven, because we're all sinners and I'm not here to say that anyone's a bigger sinner than anyone else, and I'm probably the biggest sinner of all, but, profaning our Lord, his mother, these Biblical characters all the way back to the point of Genesis, they would never do that with Islam, I don't even think that would- well they are doing it with Jerusalem b/c Genesis comes from the Jewish faith. But they would not do it with other groups. But it seem people of devout faith are the last group that is fair game to treat in this manner and we should not tolerate it. We should speak up in the loudest possible terms this is not acceptable, this is an insult to everything we hold true and good and sacred and how a just God can allow it, I don't know, but we are testing God's patience in ways that I dare not think how long He can stay his hand of justice."

SOURCE: LiMandri's webinar presentation to the Salt and Light Council, which is now a part of the Liberty Counsel. Clip was emailed to me

If you live in this broken world of ours and you think that gays and gay plays are even in the top one hundred reasons why a God who created this world might want to punish us for mucking it up, then you might want to ask if your version of the big guy upstairs really comes from an objective look at both the written and applied bibleā€”or if your real disciple has a last name like Falwell, Dobson, Schlafly, or Santorum.

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