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Audio: Peter LaBarbera attempts to deny 'hate' by repeating his extremely hateful quote

by Jeremy Hooper

When the professional anti-LGBT activists attempt to argue against a "hate" charge, they typically focus on milder parts of their work life so that they can distract the casual observer with more loving acts and phrases rather than some of their worst hits. But this attempt by longtime activist Peter LaBarbera is just plain funny in its attempt to sidestep the "hate" claim by citing one of the most hateful dismissals of gay-headed families imaginable:

In this quote, Peter is saying that people like me and families like mine are damaging our beloved children. He is suggesting that my child will grow up damaged because she will come to know her fathers' "perversion" as "normalized." He is sating that my family is innately broken by virtue of its structure alone. His words are crude, careless, and beyond offensive, and they are targeted not just against me, an adult, but also at my one-year-old daughter.

This clip is a perfect example of why Peter is now considered fringe even within his own movement. When he speaks, he only proves our point.

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