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Audio: Phil Robertson tells Tony Perkins that sexually transmitted diseases are God's punishment

by Jeremy Hooper

More dangerous rhetoric from the Duck Dynasty patriarch, who today appeared on the radio show of anti-gay leader Tony Perkins:

Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, 9/9/14

Phil should love me then. I've been with the same one man for nearly twelve years. My sex—my hot, steamy, throbbing, unrepentant homosexual sex—is about as safe as it can get.


*Side note: Listening to this full interview (which you can do at the above link), I was struck by just how conceited this man is about his family and its supposed superiority. Without overstating my compassion for Tony Perkins, I think that Phil's talk about being one of the only remaining "good" families in America should annoy even the FRC host. He seriously makes it sound like the Duck Dynasty stars are the last remaining bastion of goodness in an otherwise wrecked world. He's almost Westboro Baptist–like in his insular view of familial righteousness.

I don't like to use the "doth protest too much" line all that often since I find it to be an easy conversation ender that often contains more arrogance than it contains substance. But in this case, Phil, buddy—you're kind of protesting a little too much!

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