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Beheadings, loving marriages make AFA writer wonder where God is

by Jeremy Hooper

In a piece for the aggressively anti-gay American Family Association, Digital Media Editor Ray Rooney Jr. runs down some of the things that make him stop and question whether God's eye is even focused on Earth. In one paragraph, he lumps together barbaric beheadings with, um, well—here, take a look:

Militant Islam has declared war on all Jews and Christians but our civic and religious leaders keep telling us that Islam is a peaceful religion. This, despite the fact that videos showing the barbaric beheading of Americans and other Westerners by Islamists has become almost routine. The practice of homosexuality continues to split Christian churches and denominations. Activist judges with little or no understanding or regard for the Constitution continue to undo the will of Americans who have consistently voted to protect biblical and traditional marriage at the ballot box.

Emotions rise up within me quite often causing me to wonder where God is...

KEEP READING: Where Are You God? [AFA]

It takes an American Family Association staffer to link together the horrors of the newspaper's most graphic world news with the happiness of its wedding announcements. Even your run-of-the-mill opponent of same-sex marriage would shy away from putting Neil Patrick Harris' recent wedding in the same paragraph of horribles with those nightmarish videos to which we have become sadly accustomed. But at the AFA, that's just another day at the office. An executioner's sword? An officiants' gold bands? Tomato, tomahto.

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