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Brian Brown warns America: We probably won't survive gay people's marriages

by Jeremy Hooper

National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown writing for the (Mormon owned) Deseret News:

"Marriage is a foundational institution, something at the core of civilization. It is our only institution that brings men and women together as husbands and wives to be fathers and mothers to any children born of their union. Marriage is the foundation of the family and an essential element of a thriving society. No nation can long survive if it abandons the natural family and denies the unique contributions men and women each bring to child rearing."

FULL: Brian S. Brown: In defending marriage, Utah is standing in the breach [Deseret News]

Of course the truth is that gay people are as natural as anyone else and our families are well within the spectrum of normalcy. This is true with or without marriage rights; our inevitable civil parity will only increase peace of mind, not murder America.

But Brian, you see, is a fear merchant. He is about out of hope, so he has no choice but to offer warnings. When faced with the expansion of happiness and a public that is ever-more happily embracing it, Brian has no choice but to try to crap on it. The role of optimist is no longer available to him. He has to play the doomsday card.

But let's be real: he doesn't really believe that "no nation can long survive" same-sex marriage. What Brian really fears is that his chosen form of discrimination can no longer survive the political reality. It's been quite the cash cow for him, this whole job of hurting certain people and our families. He's surely going to miss that paycheck when it's gone. Soon.

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