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Can you honestly assess anything, Tony Perkins? #VVS14

by Jeremy Hooper

Reacting to an ad that has clearly struck a nerve, Tony Perkins (/his ghostwriter) writes the following. Pay particular attention to the part I've highlighted:

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 At 7.40.25 Pm

Nice attempt to turn it around on Dan, Tony (/Tony's ghostwriter). But in truth, the ad makes *no such claim* about Tony Perkins' personal assessments of Dan Savage. Instead, the ad mentions a claim that the Family Research Council, in a letter signed by one Tony Perkins, once made about the It Gets Better project, the anti-bullying campaign that Dan co-created:

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 At 7.44.14 Pm
[National LGBT org letter]

Here is that fundraising pitch, Tony, in case your memory has lapsed:

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 At 7.46.37 Pm

I know it's both easier and commonplace in far-right circles to ignore the substance of the pushback and instead pull a "hey look over there," but it's not going to work this time, Tony. You have spent over ten years now saying atrocious things about LGBT people, with a large focus on the most vulnerable among us: children.

Your aggressive anti-gay agenda is what's disgusting, Tony—and people are catching on.


*Tony does this really awkward thing on his radio show where he reads his Washington Update column as if it's off the cuff commentary. He did that today, except he also called Dan "vile":

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