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Does NOM's chair not even know how many of his beloved bans are still sullying our states?

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 At 8.58.55 PmHere's National Organization For marriage chairman John Eastman speaking to the American Family Association's "news" arm:

Eyeing an eventual case before the high court, the NAO spokesman predicts the high court will not "strike down thousands of years of history and the laws of 35 states, and say the Constitution, that doesn't speak to this question, somehow mandated that every state redefine its institution of marriage."
FULL: Optimism from NOM if marriage law reaches Supreme Court [ONN]

Thirty-five states? Maybe a few years ago, J. But as it stands in 2014, there are nineteen states (plus D.C.) with marriage equality and only thirty-one bans holding on for their anti-gay life, not thirty-five. And the way these things are falling, it's possible another will go down before I finish writing this sentence.

But you keep up that wishful thinking, J. One must keep a positive outlook even if one is working toward such a woefully negative outcome.


*Note: We could already be up to 21 states with equality if no one seeks/recieves a valid stay in Indiana and Wisconsin

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