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E.W. Jackson will never accept truth of marriage equality; reality remains blissfully independent of his blessing

by Jeremy Hooper

Speaking at the annual event that most ably drains moderate support from the Republican party, the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit, one E.W. Jackson, the GOP's most recent nominee for Lieutenant Governor of the state of Virginia and man who has proudly insisted there's a direct connection between pedophilia and homosexuality, rallied the crowd by demanding that marriages between two men or two women will never be true. Here's the pertinent part, via RightWingWatch:

"The fact of the matter is they can call a union other than one man and one woman by any name they choose," Jackson proclaimed," but the reality is you can re-write a thousand dictionaries, you can put on a thousand TV shows, you can make a thousand headlines, you can have a thousand coming out parties, you can have a thousand politicians affirm the lie, but the truth will still stand and a thousand years from now, marriage will still be a union between one man and one woman because God ordained it so!"


Because you all remember that time we elected E.W. Jackson our overlord and truth arbiter, right? It was right around the time we all apparently chose to turn America into a theocracy.

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