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Focus on the Family fundraising at intersection of self-centeredness and anti-gayness

by Jeremy Hooper

You all, homosexuality is personal to the anti-gay activists at Focus on the Family. Here, let them tell you all about it in a Friday afternoon attempt to raise funds off the fallacious and offensive idea that gay people can and should "leave" their sexual orientations:


A few things:

  • Cool stock photo of a man with his back to us. We were totally going to trust scientific consensus, the sweeping majority view of actual gay people who know what it's like to actually be gay, and the common sense surrounding the topic of sexual orientation. But then we saw that guy walking away and we were all like, "well I guess that stock model is going, so I'll go too!" (Said no one).
  • I love that they have trademarked "Thriving Values." When I first started wiring about this stuff, we LGBT writers would sometimes put a snarky ™ or ® symbol after some of the anti-gay right's hackneyed phrases as a way to mock the forced seizure and unwittingly hilarious overuse of such phrases. Glad to see they are now doing that for us.
  • Cute how they, in a very self-absorbed fashion, act like it's personal to them. Oh really, Focus on the Family? Because I'm pretty sure that you all actually do have a choice as to whether or not you want to focus on homosexuality. And your choice, sadly, is to go to "culture war" against those who do not have a choice in the matter. Get over yourselves and then get a new hobby.
  • And finally: the "ex-gay" stuff is, always was, and always will be a complete and utter sham. A really shameful one, too. That is why more and more former "ex-gay" activists are speaking out against it every day, and why even Republican governors like Chris Christie (R-NJ) are banning it. You all double down on this ignoble lie at your own organizational peril.

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