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FRC faults Dems for broken, obstructionist Congress while advocating for broken, obstructionist Congress

by Jeremy Hooper

A bipartisan majority in the US Senate passed the Employment NonDiscrimination Act. All credible polling suggests the American public wants Congress to pass this law. Sadly, the obstructionist GOP House, which has made stopping President Obama and Democrats from passing anything, has blocked ENDA and even a vote on the bill.

But now check this. In a post where the viciously anti-LGBT Family Research Council encourages John Boehner's House to keep blocking this reasonable law from moving forward, FRC has the nerve to fault Democrats for a "poor policy record":

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 At 11.32.30 Am

Egregious. It's one thing to be both proudly anti-LGBT (which FRC is) and proudly determined to stop President Obama from even mild achievement (which FRC is). But to then turn around and blame the administration an party who you have made it your mission to stop? How nervy.

But for the real reason why FRC doesn't want ENDA, just look right below the above post, where the disgustingly discriminatory and ignorantly anti-science special interest group promotes a so-called "ex-gay" conference:

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 At 11.41.43 Am

If you don't believe people should even be gay, then why would you want them protected?

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