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FRC senior staffer: 'Ex-Gays: The Best Kept Secret in Your Child’s School'

by Jeremy Hooper

I know it's already in your calendar and you've already packed your lunch and pick your outfit. Even so, I do feel compelled to remind you that we are only days away from the second annual "Ex-gay Awareness Month" Conference. Super exciting, right?

And to get you even more fired up, sponsoring org. PFOX posted the agenda for the weekend event. The session that FRC's Peter Sprigg is leading really stands out:

The Second Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Month Lobbying Day & Conference [PFOX]

Ah yes. Those secret "ex-gays" that are covertly filling the halls of American's institutions. Reading, writing, and reparative therapy, goes the modern twist on that familiar saying.

Although weird thing about those secret "ex-gays": they never attend science class. Wonder what that's about.

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