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Friday: NOM president shares the bill with 'ex-gay' activists

by Jeremy Hooper

Below is a snippet from the schedule of the so-called Stand For Family conference, which will be held in Provo, Utah, this Friday. From this scheduled, we learn that at around noon, Brian Brown, the man who claims that his agenda is focused on policy work limited to the issue of marriage will regale the crowd with the "strategy" for his side to regain ground. And then, in the immediately following block, a crew of "ex-gay" activists will set back that same movement (and the gathered activists' pretense) by continuing the scientifically discredited and deeply offensive charade that certain sexual orientations can and should be "changed":

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 At 10.17.08 Pm
[Stand For The Family conference]

It's not some coincidence that these conference organizers saw it fit to make the "ex-gay" sham as much of a part of the presentation as the marriage policy stuff. The idea of "changing" us is always on these folks' minds! Sure, they hide it during campaigns and in court. Yes, they pretend to have a focused cause when they pundit their way onto cable news. But it never goes away. It's always there. If you do just a cursory dig of any national organization that fights us on policy, you will find a robust undercurrent of animus toward the very notion of our happy and healthy sexual orientations.

NOM's agenda is the "ex-gay" agenda and the "ex-gay" agenda is NOM's agenda.

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