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Indiana anti-gay activists decry 7th Circuit ruling by using same illogic that court found illogical

by Jeremy Hooper

The unanimous ruling out of the the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals is a strongly worded repudiation of the far-right's ridiculous ideas, including the one that insists same-sex couples and our families somehow do harm to society. In response to the 3-0 opinion (written by a Reagan appointee), the head anti-gay group in Indiana, one of the two states whose marriage bans the court found unconstitutional (Wisconsin being the other), repeats the same sort of offensive claims that the court found illogical:

It is good and honorable for the State of Indiana to be alarmed by the growing numbers of children who grow up without a mom or a dad. In many cases motherless and fatherless homes are unavoidable. However, by striking Indiana’s marriage law the courts are now purposefully encouraging more motherless and fatherless homes.

The Court is correct that all people are capable of loving children, but it fails to realize that all the love in the world can’t turn a mother into a father or a father into a mother. Same-sex “marriage” is at odds with the ideal. It harms society by encouraging more motherless and fatherless homes, when we should have fewer.

There are societal consequences of undermining marriage, even beyond the destructive impact of more motherless and fatherless homes. Threats to marriage have already impacted religious freedom, free speech, adoption services, child custody, family law, and what children are taught in government-run schools around the country. Those problems and many more will increase in Indiana if this decision is allowed to stand.

Indiana Family Institute (words attributed to president Curt Smith)

They just don't get it. They can say this stuff, but they can't force courts to buy it. They can't force any of us to buy into it. We did not choose their talking point–laden, discrimination-minded, religious-overreaching lifestyle.

And that's of course why these groups and their activists so fully hate that these fights are playing out in court: because courts have a higher factual standard than that of anti-gay press release. I believe some of them are shocked that their ability to dupe the public has worn out its welcome.


*By the way, Curt Smith has more than proven his animus. Check out his GLAAD CAP profile for his support for "changing" us, his equating homosexuality to bestiality, and more.

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