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'I'm not a bully' claims man who has carries himself like anti-LGBT activism's biggest bully

by Jeremy Hooper

If you told LGBT activists who are involved in and aware of "culture war" commentary to assemble a list of the anti-LGBT commentators who most come across like proud and unrepentant bullies, Matt Barber would appear at the top or near the top of almost all of them. Personally I wouldn't even need a second's pause. I isolated Matt's activism long ago, due to its sheer vitriol and personally insulting language—for instance, Matt describes 6A00D8341C503453Ef0120A76D6E43970B-2gay male relationships as "one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love’”—that has always seemed more interested in hurting others than actually helping his "team" win political fights.

Matt carries himself like a bully. He just does. I always assumed that was the brand he was going for. Because he sure sells it.

That being truth, I could not stop laughing at the lack of self-awareness that must have gone into Matt writing this:

I hold reality at a premium. As a boy I was, and yet remain, an insolent “gender-conformist.” As such, I learned to scrap from an early age. My father was, and I would later become, a professional boxer. He trained me, my three brothers and, yes, my two sisters, how to properly use our fists in defense of both self and others. In the sticks of central Oklahoma, such talents were not infrequently advantageous as, at that time and in that region of the country – before liberal ninnies took to feminizing them – “conflict resolution” between boys usually ended with eyes blackened, knees skinned, noses bloodied and shirts ruined.

Still, under threat of a brightly hued backside, we were likewise taught that to use the physical skills we developed and honed to either pick fights or to bully others was both intolerable and dishonorable (this was a bygone era when words like “tolerance” and “honor” still meant something – before “progressive” propagandists turned them inside-out).

I can’t abide bullies. Never could. Most decent folks can’t. This is how I was raised. It’s also how I’m raising our three children. As did my father before me, I am teaching and equipping them to stand up to bullies. Not just when, and if, they happen to be the target of bullying themselves, but also when, and if, others are targeted. I’m raising my children to be friend to the friendless and champion to the vulnerable. I’m proud to say that all three of them are naturally inclined to such. I credit both God and His word of truth for that.

FULL: How Christian Kids Should Deal With ‘LGBT’ Peers [BarbWire]

Ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I mean, seriously—HA!

It's bad enough that Matt fails to recognize himself as a bully, but the part where he says he "can't abide bullies" adds insult to that insecurity-masked-as-certainty. Matt is the proprietor of BarbWire, a site that is one of the most proudly brutish takes on LGBT rights you will find anywhere. Even the graphics on that site (which routinely feature gay twists on Hitler or other Nazi imagery) are purposely chosen for their potential to browbeat. It's not a place for sharp commentary or deep political analysis—it's a forum for extremely anti-LGBT people to be as openly, defiantly, and negligently anti-LGBT as they'd like, since the Bully-in-Chief is not going to censor their true feelings (although Matt does block dissenting comments from people like me).

I do hope Matt is raising his children the way he says. And he very well might be; public people are often quite different in their private lives, with many chasms between their chosen line of work and their familial instincts. But let's be 100% clear here: Matt Barber's written and spoken advocacy on LGBT issues is both a textbook example of how to conduct yourself like an adult political bully against a minority population, as well as primer for how young potential bullies can justify their aggressions against LGBT youth. Matt is the kind of activist with whom I would never agree to a dialogue or an attempt at a constructive conversation because his long body of work tells me there isn't a scintilla of room there. You can't negotiate with his kind of advocacy. Which is to say, you can't negotiate with bullies.

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