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New from the Laurie Higgins book club: 'Heather Has Two Terminally Ill Mommies'

by Jeremy Hooper

One of the great things about the Illinois legislature passing marriage equality was that I could pay less focus to the Illinois Family Institute, truly one of the most heinous of all of the statewide anti-LGBT organizations. Though sometimes the rhetoric is just too over-the-top and revelatory to ignore.

In a new article about the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week, IFI senior writer and researcher Laurie Higgins railed off a list of books that she would prefer over pro-LGBT tomes. One of those is a fantasy children's book in which a bird is thankful that his gay parents die of a disease so that she can then be adopted by a heterosexual couple. The pertinent snippet from Laurie's commentary:

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 At 11.26.00 Am Will they ask for picture books that show the joy a little birdie experiences when after the West Nile virus deaths of her two daddies, she’s finally adopted by a daddy and mommy?

Surely, there are some teens and children who will identify with such stories.

FULL: Laurie Higgins: Libraries Need Books About The 'Joy' Kids Feel When Their Gay Parents Die [RWW]

What kind of person writes such a thing? What kind of mind can even go to such a disgusting place? Laurie Higgins is truly suggesting here that my kid would be better off if my husband and I died in some sort of targeted pandemic so that our beloved Savannah might find a home where genitalia trumps all else. And she truly believes that such a warm, charming, lightweight tale of gay bird death would make for an overlooked and desperately needed entry into the canon of childhood literature.

This is a new low even for a person known for her rhetorical lows.

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