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Robert Oscar Lopez confirms belief that gay parents are like slave owners

by Jeremy Hooper

Just last week, this man was on the bill at a big marriage conference and rally in Utah alongside NOM and other mainstream groups. Here is his guiding belief:

If there is one charge that GLAAD and the HRC throw at me tirelessly, again and again, it’s the charge that I compared gay parents to slave owners. Which I did. In many languages. In places where people get it. Based on landmark texts that are sitting there for anybody to reference.

So my dear friends at HRC, there is no need to put me on notice. I am guilty of the high crime of talking to people in other countries and sharing insights from world literature. If you think I am going to stop or apologize, you haven’t researched me well enough.
Homo-eduphobia: The Gay Fear of Educated People [American Thinker]

Glad to see you taking ownership of this, Bob. That's all I want, really. Well, that and for your movement to put your disgusting and politically inept disregard for certain families in every future marriage ad.


*MORE: Robert Oscar Lopez [GLAAD]

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