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Survey: Catholic leadership's never-ending attacks on gay people's peace is regressing church's acceptance levels

by Jeremy Hooper

Earlier today, I showed you how Chicago's Archbishop is now equating the accommodation of LGBT consumers in the public square with forced Sharia Law. And you surely know how Bishops across the nation are essentially now de facto political activists who voice strong opposition to marriage equality (in some states, Catholic leadership has essentially guided the anti- side's marriage campaigns), employment nondiscrimination laws, and just about any civil policy that would make LGBT people's lives more fair and more equal. Plus you probably also know how many of the top voices on the other side (NOM, Ryan Anderson, Maggie Gallagher, Robert George, etc.) are devout Catholics whose faith is the obvious root of their pushes for discrimination in the public (as in secular) sector.

So consider these new findings through that lens and you might gets some answers:

Overall acceptance of gays and lesbians in American religious congregations rose significantly between 2006 and 2012, but it declined in Catholic congregations, according to a new survey.
FULL: Survey: Congregations More Accepting of Gays [AP]

Historically, everyday Catholics have been among out best allies within the faith world. It's truly sad to see what the US leadership's decision to prioritize this subtly vicious (but vicious—let's be clear) fight against our rights is doing to that support base. It is a propaganda campaign of the highest order. I suspect it will be looked back upon with deep regret.

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