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That discriminatory OR baker is really overthinking reason why she's national news

by Jeremy Hooper

Fresh from her appearance at the uber anti-gay Values Voter Summit, the Oregon baker who famously violated local nondiscrimination laws when she refused service to a lesbian customer writes the following:

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 At 6.39.28 Pm
[Sweet Cakes]

Standard pablum of the anti-gay movement. Whatever.

But what Melissa doesn't seem to understand is that none of this applies to the situation that landed her in the news and could leave her with a hefty fine. And in fact, her deep analysis of whether or not she "hates" or simply "disagrees" speaks to the problem itself. As a business owner who set up a shop to serve the public, she should not be adjudicating whether or not she "agrees" with her customers' sexual orientations (which she tellingly disregards as "lifestyles") That is not her job. The job she purported to do and the contract she made with local public was a commercial venture, not a theological analysis of the pastry-seekers' "lifestyles."

But now she is fully entwined with a movement that will exploit her "cause" for all its worth. That might serve her if she wants to become a socially conservative commentator or policy analyst. But if Melissa wants to get back to a business of baking cakes for a hungry public, then she'd be well served to move on—this time with less judgement and more fondant.

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