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Today in *actually* thinking of and protecting children: Third Circuit finds NJ's 'ex-gay' ban perfectly constitutional

by Jeremy Hooper

Good news for those who love well-adjusted gay people, scientific truth, proper concern for the welfare of youth, and the draining of deeply damaging snake oil:

NEW JERSEY: Third Circuit Court Upholds Ban On "Ex-Gay" Torture Of LGBT Youth [J.M.G.]

No word on how the anti-gay activists behind the legal challenge now plan to tell scared, impressionable youth (and their even more impressionable parents) that they are broken and in need of fixing. But knowing their movement and its indoctrination the way I do, I am sure they are scheming ways to show just how much grown adults who should know better can shame that which they do not understand. Billboards, skywriting, carrier pigeon—you name it. So long as there is faith-driven stigma and politically-motivated will, they will find a way.

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