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True to form, NOM misrepresents (GOP-appointed) judge who dared reject their tripe

by Jeremy Hooper

In a claim that reeks as much of desperation as it does abject unfairness, the National Organization For Marriage (in likely ghostwritten words attributed to president Brian Brown) writes the following about Judge Richard Posner, the author of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals' decision on marriage, and his supposed take on "traditional marriage":

To take another—and perhaps the most egregious—example: We know that the tradition of marriage as the union of husband and wife is nearly universal to the human experience; it is a tradition honorably celebrated and sincerely believed in by nearly every religious tradition and philosophy, throughout history and in our own day. It constitutes a deeply held belief for literally billions of people worldwide.

Well, Posner compares that tradition to cannibalism and ritualistic suicide!

Comparing their view of marriage directly to cannibalism and ritualistic suicide? That sounds good, right? Sounds like something off which NOM can fundraise? Sounds like a good line to rally the troops, yes?

Only thing: it's complete and utter hogwash. In truth, Posner simply mentioned those two things as part of a laundry list of "traditions" that run the gamut from good to bad to morally neutral. He didn't at all compare the far-right's take on "traditional marriage" to these things (both of which he noted as bad)—he basically just said that the very nature of "tradition," regardless of moral weight, is itself legally ungrounded.
Here, see for yourself:


His very point is that "tradition" is a non-starter. And, as he notes, when "traditions" violate equal protection, they are more than harmless.

But he does not AT ALL equate NOM's silly "culture war" with the consumption of human flesh or the Jonestown massacre. It's just that NOM is so hellbent on portraying itself as the "victim" in this ongoing debate (that they are quickly losing) that NOM authors will say and do anything to besmirch the names of the (Reagan-appointed) judges who cut through their narrative. We see this every single time one of these high profile rulings come down (remember when justice Kennedy declared a "fatwa" against them?). Judge Posner is just the latest to suffer under NOM's patented brand of anti-intellectualism in the name of discrimination.

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