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Utah marriage rally: NOM prez, man who equates same-sex parenting with slavery, woman who admits marriage equality is inevitable

by Jeremy Hooper

In a few weeks, the anti-gay activists in Utah will hold yet another little rally where they hope their ability to gather a few likeminded members of the choir will somehow infuse merit into their empty legal cases. At said event, Utahns will hear from Jennifer Roback Morse, a woman who has admitted that she sees fifty-state marriage equality as being inevitable by the summer of 2015; Robert Oscar Lopez, a man who has one of the ugliest quotes banks in all of anti-gaydom (he loves to equate gay parenting with slavery); and Brian Brown, the president of the ever-fumbling National Organization For Marriage. All that plus entertainment from a man who once competed on NBC's "The Sing Off":

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[Utah anti-gay rally]

As for this CanaVox organization? That's some sort of weird new organization that we first heard about in association with anti-gay gay man Doug Mainwaring. This org's details are still sketchy, but it certainly enjoys promoting so-called "ex-gay" junk science; the reading section of its website is teeming with such propaganda. Also, the Opus Dei–connected activist Ana Samuel, the former Witherspoon Institute protege who was involved in the early promotion of the ridiculously flawed Regnerus study, is listed as one of CanaVox's leaders.

All in all, I'm not too intimidated by this little gathering.

*UPDATE: This Jake Hunsaker singer guy "liked" that heinous video where a rapper named Bizzle equates homosexuality with pedophilia and Down Syndrome:

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 At 12.51.20 Pm
[Jake Hunsaker's Youtube activity]

Doesn't sound like a loving Mormon move to me. But hey, you stay classy, discrimination!

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