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Video: Another hour, another anti-gay activist warning society of its impending, gay-initiated doom

by Jeremy Hooper

This time it's James Dobson, the Focus on the Family founder, who is suggesting that our gay marriage–having future is going to destroy America. Going to destroy "the entire superstructure of culture," in fact:

Of course the truth is that marriage equality doesn't weaken marriage or the family—it strengthens both. But seeing as how neither tolerance nor understanding are in Dobson's greater hits collection, we find the onetime powerful tunesmith entering this season of life by crowing the same fear on which he placed his twentieth century bets. And even though he's been wrong about it all, he expects us to still listen.

If interviewer Billy Hallowell (of The Blaze) were doing his job, he would challenge Dobson on this offensive idea that civil marriage equality for good, decent, hardworking American citizens and our families is somehow the Armageddon that is going to undermine, if not all-out destroy, the ideals of the religious right's idyllic America. Unfortunately, there are still more than a few complacent and complicit co-conspirators in conservative America who are more than willing to help the broken notions of the past stymy our present potential.

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