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Video: Bill Donohue on early '90s gay 'animals' and their 'Nazi-like invasions'

by Jeremy Hooper

Extreme anti-gay activist Bill Donohue is all over the media right now stomping his feet about the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade's decision to allow one LGBT group to march (for now) in next year's parade. In order to sell his narrative, Donohue has implied that gay people can't be trusted to march in such parades because gay people can't be trusted to keep their clothes on. Now, to further "prove" his point, Donohue is relying on some personal photos of gay "animals" that he's apparently held onto for twenty years now. Oh, and he's also attacking legendary LGBT activist Ann Northrop for her "Nazi-like" efforts to make the Catholic church pay attention to AIDS.

Clip is cued:

How many St Patrick's Day organizers in New York are secretly thrilled to finally distance themselves from this guy and his agenda? I'm thinking many.

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