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Video: Brian Brown's fellow panelist gives insight into Moscow panel's extreme views on homosexuality, marriage

by Jeremy Hooper

At last week's "Large Family and the Future of Humanity" conference in Moscow, Russia, National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown was joined on a panel by John-Henry Westen, the Canadian editor of the very anti-gay website LifeSiteNews:

201409171123John-Henry Westen, co-founder of lifesitenews.com, recalled how there are serious consequences in going against God's plan for sexuality, the worst of which is the spiritual damage. Among other measures, the session deserves to be mentioned that of Abdolreza Azizi, Head of the Social Committee of the Parliament of Iran.
The American Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, has stressed the need to unite to fight against those who want to redefine the family and pointed out that, as the United States, it would be wrong to think that Americans in general support the ideology promoted by the Government Obama: indeed, many also oppose actively.

FULL (machine translation): International Family Congress - Statement of ProVita [Notizie ProVita]

As of now, no video has emerged from the panel. But for some insight into what went down and what view was guiding the proceedings, listen in as Westen, from right outside the very event where the two men spoke, admits to Russian interviewers that he speaks out against marriage equality because he believes homosexuality "harms the body" and "hurts you," that equality activists are trying to make evil seem good, and that "Satan's focus" is behind the whole push for same-sex marriage. Most of the pertinent comments come between 3:15 and 5:20:

Brian sure is making some eye-opening bedfellows. Not the choice I would be making if I was eyeing a Supreme Court win.

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