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Video: 'Ex-gay' speaker at upcoming ERLC summit equates talking to gay people with talking to cancer patients

by Jeremy Hooper

The Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has tapped the "ex-gay" with the best name, Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, to guide their upcoming convention on how to "change" people's sexual orientations but in the "nice" way. And in a new video, she gives a teaser of what kind of "compassion" we can expect. Clip is cued:

@1:27 "One of my takeaways, from having been in the community for a decade, is those folks are good listeners. And Christians need to be more reciprocal in their listening. I would say the first thing to do is if a friend shares either an identification as gay or lesbian, or struggles with same-sex attraction, to ask that person what the parameters are, now, for how we talk about this. You would do that for a friend who had cancer. You would want to know if it's OK to talk about publicly or privately. You would not presume, because you had not experienced it, how you should frame it."

"Ms. Butterfield, I just found out I have stage four lung cancer and I might only have months to lives; please keep a lid on that for now, would ya?"

"Ms. Butterfield, I just found the man that I, another man, love more than anything and with whom I plan to share my life in wedded bliss; please keep that under wraps until I can make this happy announcement myself, could ya?"

Can you see how those of us who exist within the latter realities might reject your comparison, Ms. B? Maybe? Just a little bit?

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