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Your daily 'Gay Gestapo' moment with the American Family Association's senior analyst

by Jeremy Hooper

Bryan Fischer is one of the biggest fans of co-opting Nazi imagery (the word "gestapo" gets its root from the German secret state police that helped carry out "The Final Solution") and misapplying it to modern proponents of basic civil rights for LGBT people. Here's his weekend demand:

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 At 6.27.44 Am
[American Family Association issues analyst Bryan Fischer]

Sure. Because you've seen all of those videos where happily married lesbians demand evangelical Christians convert or die, right?

Of course the truth is that Bryan has a broken read on "religious liberty," with his meaning of the term giving him unfettered right to discriminate against LGBT people in every sector without recourse or even question, with any such recourse or questioning being what he sees as the "threat." Which is one of the big reasons, ironically enough, why he and his support base are the ones who are truly bleeding the American church of its support, particularly among young people. This generation and future generations might be just as interested in the God of man, but they are not so interested in the "culture wars" of Falwell.

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